Prayer to St. Joseph for Oblate Brothers

Holy Joseph, we are filled with gratitude for the missionary lives of all our Oblate Brothers who are entrusted to you in a special way. They have been an integral part our Congregation’s history of evangelization throughout the world. We ask you to continue to inspire Oblate Brothers to live the charism of consecrated life with faithfulness and originality. Their presence, witness and ministry call us in a prophetic way to live as brothers bound by charity. Good Saint Joseph, your familiarity with Jesus is mirrored in the special closeness to the poor and most abandoned that is so characteristic of Oblate Brothers. We ask you to intercede so that our Congregation may continue to welcome young men called to be missionary Brothers. Share with them the faithfulness, generosity and joy you manifested in your life so they continue to participate in the missionary work of building up the Church. Amen.


O glorious Saint Joseph, remind all who work that they are not alone in their labour, their joy or their sufferings, because Jesus is by their side, with Mary, his Mother and ours, supporting them, wiping the sweat from their brow, and setting a value on their toil. Teach them to use their labour, as you did, as a supreme means of attaining holiness. Amen.

(Pope John XXIII)