St. Joseph was one of the Founder’s patrons. He once wrote: “In Heaven, Jesus Christ, Mary and Joseph are just as inseparable as they were on earth. I believe this most certainly…” (To Father Guigues, March 23, 1832).

“We come together in apostolic communities of priests and Brothers, united to God by the vows of religion. Cooperating with the Saviour and imitating his example…” (C. 1)

“While maintaining within ourselves an atmosphere of silence and inner peace, we seek his presence… We are pilgrims, walking with Jesus in faith, hope and love.” (C. 31)

Protector of the Congregation, patron of Oblate Brothers, Saint Joseph is a saint to be venerated by all Oblates. The 1896 Directory for novitiates and Scholasticates prescribed: “Among all the Saints which the novices are especially to honor, Saint Joseph will hold the first place, as much because of his singular privilege in being associated with the mystery of our Lord Jesus Christ as because he is the patron of recollected souls who live a hidden life… They will often pray to him… and join his name almost always with those of Jesus and Mary.”