Pope at Angelus: Fraternal correction an expression of great love

Pope Francis reflects on the importance of offering fraternal correction when someone has wronged us, and recalls Jesus’ invitation to speak privately rather than spreading gossip.


General Administration

Pilgrims of hope in communion : A new awareness of being an oblate missionary

To lead us to a new awareness of our identity and mission as Oblates in today’s world and in the context of the synodal Church: “communion, participation and mission”.



The Joy of Living in an International Community

FRANCE: A special message from the Oblate Community at Lourdes to novices and scholastics


Asia - Oceania

“Dreaming Together”: Reflection on climbing Mount Sindoro

INDONESIA : Dreams are also not always personal.  Some boys in the OMI Juniorate dreamed of going on a mountain climbing trip together. 



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