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Timeline of the General Chapters

I Chapter: <br>Aix-en-Provence, France

Approval of the Rule and religious vows of obedience, chastity and perseverance 

October 24, 1818

II Chapter: <br>Aix-en-Provence, France

The vow of poverty is added to the previously accepted vows of chastity, obedience a perseveranceOctober 2, 1821

III Chapter: <br>Aix-en-Provence, France

Unanimous assent to the Founder’s continuing as Vicar General of Marseille. Clarification of some questions of precedence in communities.September 30 – October 2, 1824

IV Chapter: <br>Marseille, France

Primarily an opportunity to celebrate the recent approbation of the Congregation by the Holy See. July 10 – 13, 1826

V Chapter: <br>Marseille, France

Clarification in CC&RR about who attends a General Chapter. Decree on uniformity of dress and type of bed in the Congregation.September 28 – 30, 1831

VI Chapter: <br>Marseille, France

Settled questions of “interior discipline” in communities for uniformity of Oblate life throughout the Congregation, in view of its development outside of France.August 4 – 8, 1837

VII Chapter: <br>Marseille, France

Further considerations and adaptations of the CC&RR in light of the expansion of the Congregation.July 10 – 13, 1843

VIII Chapter: <br>Marseille, France

First major revision of the CC&RR, with the division into provinces and vicariates.August 26 – 31st, 1850

IX Chapter: <br>Marseille, France

During the Chapter Eugène de Mazenod consecrated Etienne Semeria, the future apostolic vicar of Jaffna. Last Chapter during Founder’s lifetime.August 5 – 12, 1856

X Chapter: <br>Paris, France

Election of Fr. Joseph Fabre as the second Superior General of the Congregation.December 5 – 8 1861

XI Chapter: <br>Autun, France

Second major revision of the Constitutions and Rules. Prohibition of taking over parishes, except rarely and for grave cause and after an indult from the Holy See.August 5 – 18, 1867

XII Chapter: <br>Autun, France

Treated various questions of internal formation and administration. Consecration of the Congregation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.July 31 – August 8, 1873

XIII Chapter: <br>Autun, France

Treated of various practical situations related to the expanded Congregation. Decreed that English be taught in juniorates and scholasticates. Use of tobacco forbidden except with consent of superior.

July 30 – August 6, 1879

XIV Chapter: <br>Rome, Italy

First General Chapter gathered in Rome. Again, the Chapter addressed internal situations of discipline and formation that have arisen due to the expansion of the Congregation.April 25 – May 6, 1887

XV Chapter: <br>Paris, France

Election of Fr. Louis Soullier as the Superior General Concerns about several practical issues of government and community life. May 11 – 23, 1893

XVI Chapter: <br>Paris, France

Election of Fr. Cassien Augier as the Superior General Concerns about several practical issues related to lifestyle and ministry. May 16 – 28, 1898

XVII Chapter: <br>Liège, Belgium

Held in Belgium because of expulsion of religious from France.August 14 – September 1, 1904

XVIII Chapter: <br>Rome, Italy

Election of Fr. Auguste Lavillaière as the Superior General following resignation of Fr. Augier.  Sometimes called “the Chapter of the crisis”

September 20 – October 10, 1906

XIX Chapter: <br>Rome, Italy

Election of Archbishop Augustin Dontenwill as the Superior General Third major revision of the CC&RR.September 19 – October 24, 1908

XX Chapter: <br>Rome, Italy

This post-war chapter celebrated the Consecration of the Congregation to the Immaculate Conception. Updating of various communal and administrative practices from previous Chapters.October 1 – 22, 1920

XXI Chapter: <br>Rome, Italy

Fourth and  fundamental revision of the Constitutions and Rules in accordance with the new Code of Canon Law in 1917.

September 20 – October 18, 1926

XXII Chapter: <br>Rome, Italy

Election of Fr. Théodore Labouré as the Superior General.September 8 – 24, 1932

XXIII Chapter: <br>Rome, Italy

The political tension in Europe was so intense and war was imminent. Therefore, the Chapter was interrupted prematurely.September 8 – 27, 1938

XXIV Chapter: <br>Rome, Italy

This post-war Chapter celebrated the election of Fr. Leo Deschâtelets as the Superior General Some changes to the Acts of previous chapters. Six Assistants General instead of four.May 1st – 22, 1947

XXV Chapter: <br>Rome, Italy

The Chapter recognized the necessity to envisage a new edition of our Constitutions and Rules. The first Chapter to be held in the new the new General House situated on Via Aurelia, Rome.May 1st – 27, 1953

XXVI Chapter: <br>Rome, Italy

Inclusive work on a revision of the Constitutions and Rules, as had been mandated by the previous Chapter.September 1 – October 22, 1959

XXVII Chapter: <br>Rome, Italy

It was convoked for January 25, 1966, the 150 anniversary of the first Oblate community in Aix-en-Provence. Longest Chapter in history, working on a complete revision of the CC&RR in the spirit of the documents of Vatican II.January 25 – March 23, 1966

XXVIII Chapter: <br>Rome, Italy

Resignation of Fr. Leo Deschatelets and election of Fr. Richard Hanley as the Superior General. Fundamental document: MISSIONARY OUTLOOKApril 11 – May 23, 1972

XXIX Chapter: <br>Rome, Italy

Election of Fr. Fernand Jetté as the Superior General following resignation of Fr. Richard Hanley. Continued focus on a revised CC&RRNovember 12 – December 6, 1974

XXX Chapter: <br>Rome, Italy

The Chapter produced a revised text of our Constitutions and Rules.

October 27 – December 7, 1980

XXXI Chapter: <br>Rome, Italy

Election of Fr. Marcello Zago as the Superior General. Theme: Missionaries in Today’s World.September 1 – October 3, 1986

XXXII Chapter: <br>Rome, Italy

Theme: Witnessing as Apostolic Community.September 1 – October 1st, 1992

XXXIII Chapter: <br>Rome, Italy

Election of Fr. Wilhelm Steckling as the Superior General.
Theme: Evangelizing the Poor at the Dawn of the third Millennium.

September 1 – October 1st, 1998

XXXIV Chapter: <br>Rome, Italy

Theme: Witnessing to hope

August 30 – September 28, 2004

XXXV Chapter: <br>Rome, Italy

Election of Fr. Louis Lougen as the Superior General Theme: Conversion: A new heart, a new spirit, a new mission.September 8 – October 7, 2010

XXXVI Chapter: <br>Rome, Italy

Theme: Evangelizare Pauperibus Misit Me Pauperes Evangelizantur.September 14 – October 11, 2016