By way of Skype, the Precapitular Commission held an electronic meeting on May 27, 2016, to continue preparations for the 36th General Chapter. Frs. Claudio BERTUCCIO, Martin WOLF, Emmanuel YOUNGTEN and William O’DONNELL (secretary) discussed the status of preparations for the Chapter, preparations that have taken a step forward with the arrival of the Commissioner, Fr. Claudio, in Rome for the time remaining prior to the September 14 opening of this important gathering of Oblates.

The Commissioner reported on his recent meeting with the Central Government, pointing out the approval by them of the proposed overall calendar, the first week plan and the outline of the procedures for the discussion of the theme.

There was also discussion of the status of the venue (the Christian Brothers’ “Casa LaSalle”) and the number of rooms available. It has been decided to move the closing of the chapter to the late afternoon of October 11 rather than the morning of October 12.

Other practical questions were also discussed. If necessary, further meetings of the Commission will also use Skype.