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To reign is to serve.

St. Eugene de Mazenod

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January 18 – Oblates among the immigrants

1850: The Oblates begin to minister in Holy Cross parish in Liverpool.

St Eugene exclaimed: “I note with pleasure the establishment in Liverpool…This part of the city was a vast dockland slum, housing many thousands of Irish immigrants who had fled Ireland after the devastating potato famines of 1845 and 1847… in the most squalid conditions. It was made up of dingy tenements, joined together in airless courts and polluted by open sewers and piles of rubbish. By the end of 1847 over 300,000 impoverished and fever-ridden immigrants from the Irish famine had settled in the Liverpool area.”

Weekly anecdote

Pulled by the Hair

Of all the Oblate Missionaries who have evangelized the Amerindians of Mackenzie, Father Bruno Roure was undoubtedly the one who experienced the most demanding solitude. It takes courage and a lot of self-denial to live all alone for fourteen years, in the midst of a tribe of Amerindians who are racially different, do not share your Faith, and have different life styles. He was the first resident missionary at Fort Rae, north of Great Slave Lake. His only Oblate companions were Brother Louis Boisramé and Bishop Isidore Clut. The first was only with him a few months, long enough to build a rudimentary house. The Bishop made short biennial visits! (more…)

Weekly photograph

Pope John Paul II – during the Canonization Mass of St. Eugene de Mazenod (03-12-1995)
Photo – www.omiworld.org


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