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We must be holy if we are to live the life of a saint.

St. Eugene de Mazenod

Reflection of the day

October 18

“For the Oblate, becoming incarnate in today’s world is the normal way of evangelization. We must travel along this road with confidence and courage, but we must do so while having Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word, always present in our spirit. What saves the poor, what saves people of each culture and of every culture, is not the presence of one more poor man in their midst or of an “inculturated” foreigner joining their ranks; rather, it is the presence of Christ in their midst, of Christ who, because he loves them, has freely chosen to become poor and incarnate among them.”

F. Jetté OMI

Weekly anecdote

A humble missionary of Jesus Christ

This was the title that Father Nicolas Laverlochère gave himself. Nevertheless, the Oblate was a true giant of the apostolate while ministering to the Algonquians of James Bay. He was gifted with a strong build, a quick mind, a generous heart and uncommon energy, and it can be said that he was in reality the “founder” of the Oblate missions in that region. As early as 1845 he visited Abitibi Lake and Albany on the west bank of the Bay. The Amerindians soon called him “Mino-Tagossite”, one whom we like to hear. In spite of the painful paralysis that struck him at the age of thirty-nine, he still fulfilled a long and beautiful career in Timiskaming, where he died in 1884, at the age of seventy-three. In these brief stories, we can admire his great charity and the unremitting faith that saved his life on many occasions. (more…)

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Eugene’s advice to the Oblates in Canada to focus on doing what is right rather than trying to please the opinion of others. Furthermore I would wish that all of you, each as much as the others, focus yourselves more … Continue reading

Weekly photograph

(Chaclacayo, Lima) The Oblates of the OMI delegation of Peru. Deacon John Kuks Sampa, OMI from Zambia recently joined them to have a missionary experience. Peru is the only delegation of the Congregation that functions directly under the purview of the General Administration.


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