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Quote of the day

The salvation of souls is at stake.

St. Eugene de Mazenod

Reflection of the day

November 14

There is a challenge here that no Oblate can escape if he wants “to save his life”, if he wants to live it fully and not “lose it” (cf. Mark 8: 35). As far back as 1821 — and thus prior to the approval of February 17, 1826 — the Founder wrote to Father Bourrelier: “Remember that we no longer belong to ourselves…; we belong to the Rule which ought to govern us; we can belong to God only through it…”

Fr Fernand Jetté OMI

Weekly anecdote

The Sower of “Aves”

Poland can count among its sons many illustrious men. To name but a few we remember the holy martyrs Josaphat Kuncewicz and Maximilian Kolbe. Also, the wonderful composer Chopin, the young Jesuit Stanislas Kostka, and not the least, Karol Wojtyla, Pope John XXIII. The Oblate Congregation, for its part, is proud to have given the Church a humble Polish religious, who, without attaining a similar notoriety, we hope will become famous one day, by receiving the honors of beatification. We are speaking of Brother Antoine Kowalczyk, whose edifying life was recounted in a captivating book by Father Paul-Émile Breton: Le forgeron de Dieu (God`s Blacksmith). (more…)

Weekly photograph

Pope John Paul II – during the Canonization Mass of St. Eugene de Mazenod (03-12-1995)
Photo – www.omiworld.org


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