Daily Inspirations

Quote of the day

Keep to the Rule.

St. Eugene de Mazenod

Reflection of the day

January 23

We are in God’s arms. We have nothing to fear. A child when it sees a dog runs to its mother gets into her lap and looks at the dog and laughs. It is certain about mother’s ability to protect it from any danger, though mother’s powers are limited. We are in the hands of an omnipotent God who can protect us against any enemy. We can feel more safe than the child in the mother’s lap.

B.A. Thomas OMI

Weekly anecdote

Saint Eugene de Mazenod and his family

This saintly bishop of Marseilles, canonized in 1995, went through twelve difficult youthful years as a result of his exile, which was provoked by the French Revolution. However, at twenty-five, facing the crucifix on a certain Good Friday, he felt seized by the Saving Christ, and from that moment on he remained “passionately for Jesus Christ and unconditionally for the Church” according to the expression used by Pope Paul VI. (more…)

Weekly photograph

Pope John Paul II – during the Canonization Mass of St. Eugene de Mazenod (03-12-1995)
Photo – www.omiworld.org


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