Daily Inspirations

Quote of the day

To proclaim Christ and make Him known.

St. Eugene de Mazenod

Reflection of the day


“What need has one of tongues of fire to see, in some way, the presence of the Holy Spirit? On these occasions, his presence for me is palpable and I am so imbued with the Spirit that I cannot hide my emotion. I have to do violence to myself not to shed tears of joy, and, in spite of my efforts, often tears I cannot withhold betray the sentiment which animates me and fills me to overflowing in the full sense of the word!”

Bishop Eugene de Mazenod on conferring Confirmation.

Weekly anecdote

You recognize a tree by its fruits

To paraphrase a word of Pius XI, we could say: “The best garden to produce fruits of holiness is really the Christian family.” Let us take for example the family of Eulalie Durocher who Pope John-Paul II declared Blessed on May 23, 1982. This family gave the Church three priests and two nuns. In addition to Eulalie, the youngest of ten children, who became the foundress of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, we should mention her big brother, Flavien, an Oblate of Mary Immaculate. Initially a missionary among the Amerindians at Oka and on the North Shore, in 1853 he founded the parish of Saint-Sauveur in Quebec. When he died in 1877 at the age of seventy-seven, his reputation of holiness was established not only at Saint-Sauveur but in the whole city. He was called “Holy Father Durocher”. (more…)

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Weekly photograph

(Chaclacayo, Lima) The Oblates of the OMI delegation of Peru. Deacon John Kuks Sampa, OMI from Zambia recently joined them to have a missionary experience. Peru is the only delegation of the Congregation that functions directly under the purview of the General Administration.


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