The Oblate Conference of the Canada-United States Region (CROCUS) met at Yellowknife, NWT, at the invitation of the Lacombe Province. The Major Superiors (provincials and vicars) took part. Besides questions of usual coordination, the Conference focused on some common projects with the youth of the Region, as well as joint efforts in the area of Vocations and First Formation. A program of ongoing formation for superiors is beginning to take shape.

The Chapter of 2016 had asked that a Brother be included in the regional meetings. Jason ROSSIGNOL, from the U.S. Province, was able to be present for part of the gathering. His presence was visible corroboration for the leadership of the Region of the importance of the Brothers in the life and mission of the Congregation.

Mother Nature, cold and beautiful, contrasted with the warmth of heart and the immense energy of the bishop and his humble pastoral team (including the 3 Oblates among his 7 priests). The people and their pastors are proud of the work to which the Oblates have been dedicating themselves since the 1850’s. It was a beautiful experience. (INFO OMI, 15 March 2017)