Tuesday, 4 October 

After the emotional audience with Pope Francis yesterday in the Vatican, the Capitulars resumed their work. During the morning, the elections for the General Councillors took place.

Those elected were:

–      Africa-Madagascar Region: Fr. Kapena SHIMBOME (Namibia)

–      Asia-Oceania Region : Eugene BENEDICT (Sri Lanka)

–      Latin American Region: Fr. Jorge ALBERGATI (Uruguay)

–      European Region: Fr. Alberto GNEMMI (Italy)

–      Canada-USA Region: Fr. James BROBST (USA)

In the afternoon, since today was the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, and to show their commitment to care for our common home and to pray for peace, the Capitulars prayed a prayer including the “Elm dance” in the garden. The rest of the afternoon was spent in workshops on the three main themes of the Chapter: Pilgrims (Oblate Identity), Hope (Mission) and Communion. After dinner, Fr Marc DESSUREAULT, General Treasurer, gave a presentation on the Oblate Investment Pool (OIP).