Joint Session of the Central Government and the Latin American Region (CIAL)
21-28 August 2023

Day 3 – Wednesday, August 23

The theme of the Morning Prayer today was “Pilgrims with the heart of Eugene.” The Brazil and Baja California delegates led the prayer.

​Formation, both initial and ongoing, was the main topic of discussion and discernment. A four-step process was used. First, the regional councillor, Fr. Jorge ALBERGATI, presented a brief history of initial formation in the region. Fr. Jorge reminded the delegates that We are children of our past; we are brothers of the present, and we are fathers of the future. These three elements served as the backdrop for the dynamics of today’s process.

The delegates then met in seven groups to respond to two questions:
a) What do we see as the urgent needs of the region concerning initial and ongoing formation?
b) Where do we see possibilities for renewal in initial and ongoing formation in the region?

​The third step of the process included feedback from the groups and opportunities for clarification of points presented.

​The fourth step involved each delegate writing down 2 or 3 areas that they had heard about and which they considered as priorities for the region. These points were then read out aloud and grouped according to topic. Among the issues raised include the development of a vocations’ promotion ministry; communities that live the Oblate charism, which young men can experience; desire for international/intercultural houses of formation; the restructuring of novitiate and post-novitiate houses in the region; formation of formators; etc.

Although these points were raised, there was no formal discussion on any of them. As indicated by the day’s moderator, Fr. Roberto CARRASCO, what was done today was only the beginning of a discernment process for the Region.

​The Mass of the Day was led by Fr. Eleazar LOPEZ (Tijuana), and Fr. Guillermo ANTONE (Tijuana) preached the homily.