On January 17 and 18, 2024, the Aix-en-Provence community gathered with the Central Government, an annual event outlined in their statutes. Due to the recent challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, this opportunity had been delayed in previous years.

Out of the six community members, only Brother Benoît DOSQUET was unable to attend. While the agenda covered administrative matters, the primary focus was on personal connections and mutual understanding.

Despite the limited official business conducted, the primary focus was on building relationships. The members shared personal stories, reflecting on vocational journeys, family situations, and impactful life events. Engaging conversations filled the day and a half, fostering connections among members. The reflections on life journeys reinforced the idea that “God writes straight with crooked lines.” Participants recognized how God has shaped their lives.

Hipólito, Jo, Mariusz, Jean-Marie, Paolo

The fraternity extended beyond formal sessions, creating moments of joy during meals, festive encounters, and coffee breaks. Daily gatherings included Eucharistic celebrations and liturgical observances, creating a spiritual dimension to the meeting. The participants also had the opportunity to visit restored buildings, ongoing construction, the Roman International Scholasticate, and the newly relocated archives.

Notably, the meeting delved into pertinent issues such as the Mazenod Experiences, challenges in finding animators proficient in all three languages of the Congregation, and visa procedures for foreigners entering France.

The warm and welcoming atmosphere provided by the Central Government was acknowledged with gratitude. A special thanks to all and a warm gratitude to the Hospitality of the General House.