Born in Dublin, Ireland, 21 June 1837
Took the habit in Sicklinghall on 18 March 1857.
Perpetual Oblation in Sicklinghall 31 May 1863 (No. 606 bis)
Dispensed from vows in 1874.

Brother John Fawcett was born on 21 June 1837 in Dublin, Ireland. He began his novitiate on 18 March 1857 at Sicklinghall, with Father Arnoux as his novice master.

In the community diary under the date 19 March 1857 we read: ‘Feast of St. Joseph. Yesterday two carpenters were received as novice lay brothers: Donald Macdonald from the Highlands of Scotland and John Fawcett from Dublin. It was as an offering to the Spouse of the Carpenter of Nazareth.’ He made his vows for one year on 19 March 1858 and his five-year vows on 31 May 1859. He was assigned at some point to St. Kevin’s Reformatory, Glencree, which opened its doors in April 1859, and it may have been here, or perhaps in Glen Mary where the novitiate was now located, that he made his final oblation on 31 May 1863. On 30 November 1872 he wrote asking to be moved from Glencree or else for a dispensation from his vows. He later withdrew this request but on 22 February 1874 it was decided in the general council to expel him. He obtained a dispensation from his vows some months afterwards.

Yvon Beaudoin
and Michael Hughes, o.m.i.