As we draw near to the official closure of the celebrations for the 200 years of the foundation of our Congregation, we would like to invite all the Oblate family around the world to be united in prayer and thanksgiving to God for his love and for guiding St. Eugene’s family through these two first centuries of its life.

We are offering you resources for two gatherings around the themes of Community and Mission. (Download here.) We invite you to pray and celebrate together reflecting on these two themes. The Oblate Triennium and the faith sharing experience have been in many parts of the Congregation a real opportunity for renewal and for rediscovering fraternity among us, around our common Father and with all the Oblates who have preceded us in Oblate mission.

Please feel free to use this material or organize your meetings in another way. We only ask that you do not lose such an opportunity for a fraternal experience of communion, in response to St. Eugene’s desire, that is, to gather around himself “the most united family on earth”. We wish you all a happy celebration! Fr. Paolo ARCHIATI (Vicar General)