Fr. Peter Stoll, OMI, the General Councillor for Asia-Oceania and the liaison for lay associations, has sent us the Calendar of Masses to be celebrated for the intention of MAMI members throughout the Congregation.

Downdoad calendar 

“It was on the occasion of the publication of the 1947 Administrative Circular Letter that the first “calendar” of Masses to be celebrated by Oblates was established.  There we read: ‘Since the Congregation has committed itself to have Mass celebrated each day for the living and deceased members of the Missionary Association of Mary Immaculate, it was decided that the responsibility for this was to be shared among the different provincial directors… each provincial director will be obliged sub gravi to celebrate or to have celebrated a certain number of Masses according to the dates determined…’

From that time on, several editions of this timetable have been published in order to keep pace with the development of the Congregation.  It is a living example of the continuous prayer of the Missionary Oblates for members of the MAMI, a prayer which, in a way, circles the globe.”