The third day of the Inter-Chapter had the Latin America region presenting to the session on their region. Frs José Ariel MARTINEZ and Jésus FUERTES presented the joys and the challenges of the Latin America region. The social problems and human rights violations are some of the issues that the region faces. The Inter-chapter participants commended the Oblates of the region for the work they do in trying to implement the vision of the 36th General Chapter especially through media channels such as the four Oblate radio stations present in the region.

The participants concluded the morning with a moment of sharing in small groups. This sharing allowed the participants to reflect on the reports presented by the regions. The time of sharing in linguistic groups was concluded by regional Eucharistic celebrations. The afternoon was dedicated to the feedback by groups to all participants. The groups gave a great appreciation for the work and the presentations that were done by the regions. These group feedbacks were divided into three crucial questions that accompanied the groups in their reflections. These questions were:

  • what set my heart on fire during the regional report presentations?
  • What are the areas of resistance that still exist? And lastly,
  • what important aspects were missing in the regional reports?

This was a great time of fraternal sharing aimed at the advancement of the 36th General Chapter vision and its implementation. The groups gave concrete proposals to help advance the work and mission of the Oblates throughout the world.

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