Here you will find the Prayer for our 37th General Chapter in Nemi, Italy from September 14 to October 14, 2022.

The Pre-Chapter Commission invites you to make it available to all the members of your communities so that it might be used individually and communally as we prepare for this graced moment in the life of our Congregation.

Also included is the Chapter Logo, for your use, for the promotion and animation of our General Chapter.
The Commission thanks you for all the efforts you are taking in preparation for this upcoming Chapter.
In thanksgiving and with a promise of prayers,

Fraternally in Christ Jesus and Mary Immaculate,
Thomas Ovalle, OMI

Pre-Capitular Commission:
Louis Lougen, OMI Superior General
Thomas Ovalle, OMI Commissioner
Alberto Gnemmi, OMI Commission Member
Constant Kienge-Kienge, OMI Commission Member
Arun William Rozario, OMI Secretary


Prayer for the 37th General Chapter
Pilgrims of Hope in Communion

God of Infinite Goodness,
We thank you for all the blessings, poured out upon our Congregation and our extended Oblate family. As we approach our General Chapter, we call for a fresh outpouring of your Holy Spirit.

We are grateful to you for our charism gifted to us through our Founder, St. Eugene, and kept alive through the dedicated lives of all who live that charism with creative fidelity and apostolic zeal.

On this pilgrimage of hope, set our hearts on fire and give us new life to carry out our mission, strengthen our resolve to be in communion with you, with one another and with our broken world.

In our service to the poor and suffering, grant us a renewal of our lives and a greater commitment and dedication to our mission.

We offer this prayer, through Jesus Christ, our Lord, and through the intercession of Mary Immaculate, St. Eugene and our Blessed Oblates. Amen.