The General House community joyfully received young pilgrims from Hong Kong accompanied by Oblate Frs. Willie and Ronnie.The young pilgrims are currently on an educational tour in Italy, they are from four Oblate schools.

Since 2014, the OMI Delegation of China has been conducting Study Tours in an effort to bring together the four schools supervised by the Oblates. Currently, the Oblates of the China Delegation manage four schools: Notre Dame College, Oblate Primary School St. Eugene de Mazenod, Oblate Primary School, and Po Yan Oblate Primary School. 

Willie OMI and Young Pilgrims in the General House

These study tours are held every two years. Their main objective is to bring cooperation and collaboration within the four schools and introduce the participants to the places where Oblates are working so that they may better appreciate the spirit of St. Eugene de Mazenod.

Their Roman pilgrimage began at the General House; they were joyfully welcomed by the house Superior Rathokoa MOKONE and the members of the General House community and the International Scholasticate community.

Fabio CIARDI with pilgrims in the Chapel of the General House

They visited the house Chapel, and Fabio CIARDI guided the pilgrims and helped them to discover the three treasures held in this beautiful Chapel: the statue of the Oblate Madonna, the Altar of the First Vows, and the Chapel where the relic of the heart of the Founder is preserved and revered. The young pilgrims spent time praying before these symbolic elements of our charism.

They later visited the Museum of the General House, where Diego SAEZ guided their visit. They then had an opportunity to visit the panoramic view from the 5th floor, where they took beautiful photos of St. Peter’s Dome and the City of Rome.