Stefano Dominici

On October 7th, the European Commission for the Animation of the Lay Oblate Associates (CELA) held a virtual meeting together with representatives of the coordinating groups for the oblate laity at the Unit level of the Europe Region. 

This meeting was attended by Stefano Dominici, Coordinator of Lay Associates and Associations, who was invited to provide his insights. CELA, consisting of representatives from lay and consecrated individuals in the European region, was formed to maintain and foster relationships developed during the 2nd OLAC (Oblate Lay Associations Congress) preparation. The commission has set forth the following important goals and objectives:


  • Consolidate and coordinate the regional network established for 2OLAC22.
  • Implement recommendations from the previous General Chapter.
  • Provide support to lay coordination groups in the European units.


  • Facilitate the sharing of experiences and initiatives within each regional unit.
  • Encourage contemplation on the identity and vocation of the Oblate Laity in Europe.
  • Foster cooperation and support within the European Oblate Region.
  • Promote collaborative projects on Formation-Communion-Mission at the European level.

The online meeting commenced with a prayer and interactive workshops where participants shared objects symbolizing their connection to the Oblate charisma. Stefano then updated the attendees on his recent appointment as Coordinator and his presentation to the General Administration. His presentation sparked a fruitful and engaging conversation between Stefano and all members of CELA. The next in-person meeting for CELA and coordination groups for the oblate laity at the Europe Region Unit level is scheduled for March 2024 in Aix-en-Provence, France, will also see Stefano in attendance.

Stefano acknowledged the importance of maintaining and strengthening lay networks in the region. As Coordinator, he will focus on listening and engaging in meaningful dialogue with lay individuals in the various areas and units. This approach aligns perfectly with the initial steps of his program presented to the General Council.

Initiatives like this gathering are a valuable resource in promoting mutual understanding and collaboration among laypeople. Let us continue to meet and work together, embracing a spirit of deepening synodality.