The Superior General’s pilgrimage in Lesotho, which started on December 5, is all about fostering unity and shared purpose, reaffirming our commitment to serving the most abandoned and honoring the legacy of the Oblates in that region. These first two days have been a cascade of emotions and profound moments.

On his first day, he visited the Oblate cemetery and prayed for the deceased Oblates. He then joined the Provincial council meeting at Mazenod Conference Center. Fr. General’s presence at the Provincial Council meeting affirmed his closeness and support of the province’s work despite challenges. Later on, the Mazenod Conference Centre buzzed with festivity as the Superior General celebrated his birthday, surrounded by his brother Oblates and dedicated center staff. From there, Fr. General visited the Mazenod Monastery Community, the largest in the province, to underline the importance of community and strengthen unity among the Oblates.

This morning, in the company of his Oblate Brothers and several Lay Associates, the Superior General celebrated the Eucharistic at the tomb of Blessed Joseph Gérard in Roma, Lesotho. He fervently commended the entire Charismatic Family to the intercessions of the Great Apostle of Lesotho, Ntate Gerard.

Celebration of the Eucharistic at the tomb of Blessed Joseph Gérard


Adding to the already enriching experience was a captivating mini-exhibition carefully put together by Lesotho Oblate Provincial archivists Fr. Matekane OMI and Mrs. Mamonaheng. This exhibition took the Superior General on a delightful journey through the Oblate history of Lesotho, emphasizing the urgent need to preserve and pass on this legacy to future generations.

This pilgrimage is proving to be a reminder of the Oblates’ tireless commitment and love for the Basotho. Fr. General’s presence affirms and encourages their present work as they continue to build the legacy carefully, ensuring a brighter and more hopeful future for the Oblates in Lesotho.

Join us on this uplifting journey as we celebrate unity, purpose, and the enduring spirit of the Oblates in Lesotho!