Before leaving for his pilgrimage to the Congo, Fr. Chicho, the Superior General, spent the morning with the General Committee for Formation. 

He began this morning with the celebration of the Eucharist, at which he presided and preached. He called on the members of the committee to be lovers of the Church, authentic witnesses of the Gospel, and to be guided by Christ, the Good Shepherd. He later gave a profound address to the committee members, followed by a fraternal exchange.

Missionaries in and through the community

In his address, the Superior General emphasized the importance of improving the quality of community life within the formation process of the Oblates and their communities. He stressed that the renewal of the Congregation comes first and foremost from a well-lived local community life and must be instilled from the beginning of First Formation.

Fr. Chicho and Fr. Asodo

Fr. Chicho emphasized the need for community formation and explained that the candidates must experience the richness and beauty of community life because Oblates are missionaries in and through the community. Historically, living alone has never been the norm. He reminded the committee members that their service goes beyond the boundaries of their particular province and region. Instead, their work is to animate the entire congregation.

Daily conversion to the Gospel

Regarding the mandates of the General Chapter, Fr. Chicho emphasized the need to implement the call of the Chapter.   He shared that the focus of his administration is to implement the mandates regardless of personal opinions or preferences. He emphasized the need for time and authentic commitment in the implementation process and cautioned against superficial approaches. He reiterated the Chapter’s call for ongoing formation, defining it as a daily conversion to the Gospel.

Interculturality and Oblate Identity

The discourse expanded to the topic of interculturality, with Fr. Chicho calling for a deeper understanding beyond mere multiculturalism and calling for a transformative blending of cultures under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Fr. Chicho addressed concerns about the formation process and raised questions about Oblate Identity and the preparation of candidates for missionary life. He emphasized the importance of discernment and personal accompaniment in the formation journey and pointed out the complexity and challenges involved in the process.

Fr. Chicho addressing the General Committee for Formation

In conclusion, the Superior General thanked the formators for their service and paid tribute to their particular role as formators of missionaries. He reaffirmed the great responsibility of formators in accompanying people on their vocational journey and emphasized the mystery inherent in every vocation and the importance of the personal formation process.