Among the countless unsung heroes worldwide, one name shines brightly among Italy’s 30 “everyday heroes” set to be honored in Rome by President Sergio Mattarella.

In a gesture that honors the essence of humanity, President Mattarella will bestow the prestigious Order of Merit of the Italian Republic upon thirty Italian citizens whose tireless efforts have forged paths of hope and resilience. These individuals stand out for representing the treasured values upheld by the Republic of Italy.

Fr. Vincenzo Bordo OMI is among these “everyday heroes,” whose enduring commitment to South Korea’s marginalized and impoverished for over three decades embodies the values of our Oblate Charism. Integrated seamlessly into Korean society, Fr. Bordo’s establishment of the “House of Anna” serves as a beacon of hope, offering vital support and sustenance to those on society’s periphery.

As we reflect on the achievements of these unsung heroes, let us be reminded of the enduring power of compassion, community, and love of the Poor. Join us in celebrating the contributions of our Oblate Charism in individuals like Fr. Vincenzo Bordo, who epitomizes the core values of our Charismatic Family.

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Pic@Fb/ Vincenzo Bordo