The 2024 Annual Meeting of Asia-Oceania Regional Conference (AORC) was held at the OMI Provincial House in Chennai, India, from February 18 to 23, 2024.

I. The AORC Meeting

The first day was passed with an Orientation Session on the Theme “See, Seek, Shift and Serve: Synodality- Spirited Leadership by Fr. Robin Sahayaseelan, SJ. That was inspirational and thought provoking input. The second day was animated by Fr. Charles RENSBURG, Treasurer General from Rome, who focused and shared his session on ” Financial Sustainability ” taking into account the demographic and statistical status of the region.

On the third day, the main agenda was the presentations of the Unit reports by the respective Major Superiors. Having completed with the reports, the rest of the half a day was covered by Fr. Eugene BENEDICT, the General Councilor for the Region. His presentation was focused on the Mandates of the 37th General  Chapter in the light of the call of the Church on the spirit of the Synodality. He  kept informed the Major Superiors of their  roles, functions and responsibilities and to be in regular communication with the Superior General as well as  to cultivate relationships with other Provinces, especially those of their own Region.

The fourth day was spent by all  the participant visiting the Oblate communities in and around Chennai and Kancheepuram. They visited our Aanmodaya Ashram, the  Parishes of  Kancheepuram, Poonamalee, the  De Mazenod Institute of Philosophy at Perambakkam and Oblate  the Scholasticate. The day came to a close with some shopping and the dinner.

Annual Meeting of Asia-Oceania Regional Conference (AORC)

The last day was dedicated on the Business Session electing the New President, Chairpersons and other members for various committees. All the participants wholeheartedly thank Fr. Christian FINI, the outgoing President and warmly welcomed Fr. Gerry De LOS REYS the New President of the AORC. Finally the  meeting of the AORC came to an end with the drafting our reflections and the  Recommendations on  the updates of  the responses on Restructuring. The five days of meeting was a time of fraternal sharing, planning and discerning together.

II. The Reality of Plurality in the Region

A Rich Heritage:
Asia-Oceania as the largest and most populated continents is characterized and blessed with rich cultural, spiritual heritage, languages and  pluralism. It is a fact that the diverse religious, cultures, and socio-political systems do manifest a great heritage and religions play a very vital role in shaping the mind and life of the people of this  region.

Religious Pluralism:
Religious pluralism is a significant factor in South Asian Society. It is from Asian soil that four major religions and several other religious movements have originated. Centuries old teachings and traditions in these religions  have had a great influence on the thinking patterns and literature , architecture, manifold festivals and liturgies, religious educative systems  bear witness to the role of religion in shaping the live of the community.

There are serious and acute problems concerning co-existence within  the same territory. Poverty,  religious fundamentalism, natural calamities , casteism, oppression of women and children, wide-spread illiteracy, wars, crimes are common factors which are rampant in this region. So much of hatred and violence has become a burning problem. But there has been a co-existence within common activities in socio-political, cultural and educational spheres.

The Mission in the Region:
Building unity, working for reconciliation, forging bonds of solidarity, promoting dialogue among religions and cultures, eradicating prejudices and engendering trust among peoples are considered essential for the evangelizing mission of the Units in the Region.

Annual Meeting of Asia-Oceania Regional Conference (AORC)


III. The Region of Asia Oceania


PROVINCES: Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Colombo, India and Jaffna.6
DELEGATIONS: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, China – Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan- Korea6
MISSIONS: Korea and Turkmenistan2
Total number of Oblates832
– Total number of Countries in the Region16

There is no ministry, however, which is foreign to us. Accordingly the region is involved in the following ministries:
Parishes, preaching missions, novena preaching, hospital chaplaincies, prison chaplaincies , formal and non- formal education, counselling, technical schools, specialized ministries, retreat preaching, formation, ongoing formation, JPIC, youth ministry mission through media, interreligious dialogue, animation, and sending missionaries abroad, ministry to the drug and alcohol addicts.

General Councillor for  the Region of Asia Oceania
February 24, 2024, Rome