Amidst the turmoil gripping Haiti, violence and uncertainty have become a harsh reality for its people.

Armed groups and violent gangs have taken over Port-au-Prince, throwing the city into chaos and fear. This constant threat has created an oppressive atmosphere, where safety is elusive and daily life is disrupted by unchecked violence.

Accounts from those on the ground, like Father Dominique, paint a grim picture of a city in turmoil. Streets are empty, schools closed, and freedom of movement restricted, showing the full extent of the crisis. Even places of refuge, like the Catholic hospital, are not immune to violence and looting, leaving the population vulnerable and unprotected.

The lack of effective intervention, both domestically and internationally, has left Haiti’s people in dire straits. Efforts to restore order are thwarted by armed groups who reject outside help. In the face of this crisis, Haitians are fighting for survival with little hope for immediate change.

At this critical juncture, it’s vital for the international community to acknowledge and address Haiti’s plight. Solidarity and support, both at home and abroad, are crucial to offer a glimmer of hope in these dark times. Only through unified action can we help Haiti navigate through this crisis towards a future of peace and stability.

P. Guillermo Siles Paz, OMI

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