Born at Aiti (Corsica), January 15, 1840.
Taking of the habit at Montolivet, December 7, 1858.
Oblation at Notre-Dame de l’Osier, August 15, 1860. (no. 522)
Dispensed from his vows June 28, 1862.

Joseph Angeli was born at Aiti, diocese of Ajaccio on January 15, 1840. He began his novitiate at Montolivet on December 7, 1858. He continued on at Notre-Dame de l’Osier from July 1859 until his oblation August 15, 1860. In his notes on the novices, Father Vandenberghe observed that this brother’s health was not good, but he was excellent in everything else: “heartfelt prayer life, sensitive, fervent, much candour and innocence,” “upright spirit and an even more upright heart,” “angelic fervour, great stability of character,” etc.

At the scholasticate of Montolivet, from the month of September 1860 until the month of July 1862, Father Mouchette, the moderator of the scholastic brothers found him “too shy, awkward even, but very good…, very regular.” His professors stated that “he studies very conscientiously” and is very well behaved in class.

On June 28, 1862, scholastic brother Angeli was dispensed from his vows by decision of the General Council for the following reasons: “For two years running, this brother has entertained relationships, if not blameworthy, at least inappropriate, with young people at l’Osier. He would write to them. However, he would put on airs of being deeply pious. When these matters came to light, little honesty was forthcoming from him. This persistence in evil while maintaining an external appearance of piety, this habit of hiding his doings, especially these tendencies to play the role of spiritual director lead us to doubt his vocation, the word “hypocrisy” was used. The unanimous opinion of the council was that this candidate cannot be presented for orders. By his own fault, he has rendered himself unworthy whence the Congregation is justified in releasing him from his commitment.”

Yvon Beaudoin, o.m.i.