Born at Xaronval (Vosges), May 18, 1833.
Taking of the habit at Notre-Dame de l’Osier, October 18, 1852.
Oblation at Marseilles, February 17, 1854. (no. 365)
Expelled and dispensed from his vows, August 1, 1856.

Isidore Jeancolas was born at Xaronval in the diocese of Saint-Dié on May 18, 1833. He began his novitiate at Notre-Dame de l’Osier on October 18, 1852 and only made his oblation on February 17, 1854. At the end of his year at the novitiate in 1853, the master of novices had sent him to Marseilles to have him assessed by Father Mouchette. In his reports, the moderator of scholastics judged him rather harshly: “1853: health very good, lacking to some extent in openness […] appears to me to be very scatter-brained in recreation time, too often with the diocesan seminarians […] drinks too much wine, is selective as to which confreres he associates with.” And yet, on February 1, 1854, he was admitted to vows without any problem because they considered him “a candidate endowed with good qualities, both of spirit and of heart, enjoys very strong health and is showing some talent. In addition to this, he has a genuine prayer life and a great attachment to the Congregation.”

He studied at the major seminary of Marseilles in 1853-1854, then at Montolivet from 1854 to 1856. Father Mouchette still saw only his negative side. For example, in 1855, he wrote: “Jeancolas lives in a depressed state, dissatisfaction due to discouragement with his vocation which he no longer values, in his studies which he neglects, in his prayer life which dwindles away to the point of being bored with spiritual exercises […] 1856: always the same, as unmortified in his interior life as in his exterior life, following his own will directly or indirectly in everything: his own devices in terms of studies and food are the law he follows”

In the July 29, 1856 General Council session, the decision was taken to dispense him from his vows because “there have been grounds to complain about him for a long time now with regard to his life which pays too little heed to regular observance and with regard to his attitudes, his too little attachment to the Congregation.” Father Mouchette ended his report on this scholastic brother with the words: “Expelled, August 1, 1856.” In the Personnel Registry of 1862-1863, they wrote: “The brother well endowed with ability and health was not able to cope with religious life because of his gloomy and unsettled character.”

Yvon Beaudoin, o.m.i.