Born at Renno (Corsica), December 31, 1832.
Taking of the habit at Vico, October 8, 1856.
Perpetual oblation at Le Calvaire, August 24, 1860. (no. 521)
Died at Notre-Dame de Lumières, June 4, 1899.

Jean Lecca was born at Renno in the diocese of Ajaccio on December 31, 1832. On October 8, 1856 he began his novitiate at Vico where he worked as cook. From 1857 to 1861, he was house steward and then cook at Le Calvaire in Marseilles. He made his vows of one year at Montolivet in 1857 and his five year vows in 1858 at Le Calvaire where he made his perpetual oblation on August 24, 1860.

In the personnel Registry of 1862-1863 there is written under his name: “Brother of average intelligence, a narrow-minded individual.” Nevertheless, to the satisfaction of the priests and the brothers, he worked as cook in some ten houses: Vico (1861-1864), Notre-Dame de Lumières (1864-1867), Autun (1867-1868), Aix (1869-1871), Vico (1871-1874), Notre-Dame de la Garde (1874-1880), Roman scholasticate (1880-1887), Aix (1887-1890), Diano Marina (1890-1894), Nice (1894-1898) and Notre-Dame de Lumières (1898-1899). In his report on the Roman scholasticate in 1886, Father Cassian Augier wrote: “Brother Lecca, without having read Molière, still ingeniously manages to imitate him: he prepares for us very good meals spending very little money to do it. This year he forgot to become ill, a grace for which we are very thankful.”

Brother Lecca died at Notre-Dame de Lumières on June 4, 1899 after a brief illness.

Yvon Beaudoin, o.m.i.