Lucía Martinez Dojorti,
Oblate Lay Associate (LaOMI)

The world is going through an extraordinary event that marked history forever: the coronavirus pandemic. The humanitarian, economic, and many other damages caused by the pandemic are well known. However, one social aspect has been enhanced: communication.

Video-calls were the protagonists, and perhaps the saviours, in this time of isolation. They allowed us to continue with many jobs, with education, and to get closer to our loved ones with many other ‘online’ activities. Of course, not everyone has access to a digital communication device and internet, but those who have these privileges were able to take advantage of them.

Pastorally, we attended masses, catechesis, and different meetings via online platforms. In this context, a group of OMI lay men and women were able to meet through the aforementioned means, form a team, and, with the suggestion of Fr. Sergio Serrano OMI (Advisor of LaOMI – CIAL), take the reins to organize the First Assembly of the Oblate Family of Latin America.

The motivating antecedent to this meeting was the Congress that was to take place in July, 2021, which is why, at first, there was talk of a “pre-congress” for Latin America. With the news that this Congress would be postponed to the year 2022, the group organizing the event insisted on holding it anyway, now under the concept of “Assembly”, on Saturday, April 24, 2021.

The Logo

There are three aspects that make and will make this Assembly a synodal journey:

  1. The general organization is done by the laity. However, OMI, COMI, AMMI, JOMI, and, of course, LaOMI, as well as collaborators and anyone who feels attracted to the charism of St. Eugene are invited to participate in this Assembly.
  2. These lay men and women are of different nationalities, from Mexico to Argentina and Chile, passing through all the countries from north to south that make up Latin America, which demonstrates the region’s immense richness of diversity.
  3. Although its Latin American character has already been mentioned several times in this article, the invitation to participate is open to everyone in the Oblate world who wishes to do so. The event will be broadcast in Spanish and Portuguese at the same time and will also be translated into English and French.

The objective of this Assembly will be to bring the Oblate family in the region together, while doing a sincere reflection of our place in the Church and in the world. If you are reading this note before April 24, 2021, we invite you to be part of it, for your participation will be very welcome.

Through the links below you will be able to register for this online Assembly:





We share with you below the motto of the Assembly of the Oblate Family of Latin America that will accompany us:

“Oblate Family walking together” – LaOMI, OMI, COMI, AMMI, JOMI.

And the logo, which has multiple meanings. You can learn more about it by watching the following video: 

To the faithful of Latin America, we hope to meet you April 24 at our Assembly. To the Oblate Lay Associates of other continents, we hope to meet you all at the upcoming Congress in 2022. Nevertheless, we continue to meet the whole Oblate family throughout the world in the Eucharist, in our Centre, who is Jesus Christ crucified.

Praised be Jesus Christ and Mary Immaculate!