The Mission with Youth is thriving and revitalizing OMI Southern Africa (OMISA) Province especially during this month of October, the month of the Rosary and of the missions.

The mission rallies the young people from Oblate parishes and immerses them in the spirit of St. Eugene, helping them “discover who they are in the eyes of God.”

An odyssey of self-discovery

Picture this: On the 25th of September, Oblate Youth from the various parishes in the Archdiocese of Johannesburg came together to celebrate Heritage Day. This event was more than just a gathering; it was a platform for OMI youth to share their individual identities and diverse heritages. The Oblate Mission with Youth (OMY) stands at the forefront of this endeavor, seamlessly weaving together the threads of who they are with the richness of the Oblate Charism. What is the ultimate goal? To foster unity in diversity. This journey is an odyssey of self-discovery.

The beauty of praying the Rosary

During the month of October, the Oblate Youth gathers each Thursday night, for an hour to meditate on each mystery of the Holy Rosary. Each Oblate Youth becomes a pilgrim. They experience the beauty of praying the Rosary, contemplating the mysteries of Christ with Mary and invoking her intercession for the needs of the Church and of the world. Mother Mary takes each of these young pilgrims by the hand and guides them into deep reflection and meditation so that they can see themselves through the eyes of God.

They receive Christ in order to share Him with others

So, what sets them apart? The OMISA Oblate Mission with Youth does not scratch the surface, they dive into each mystery. As pilgrims, they explore together the four significant moments of the life of Jesus Christ: his birth, mission, death, and resurrection. Mary witnessed these monumental moments of her son and invites us to experience them with her in each decade of the Rosary. Just as our Blessed Mother devoted herself entirely as the humble handmaid of the Lord, the OMY embraces their unique call to “receive Christ and share Him with all” those they encounter.

Mary is the compass that guides each Pilgrim of Hope in Communion

Just as Jesus entrusted Mary to the beloved disciple, St. Eugene entrusts the Oblate family to the loving arms of Mary. Mary is the compass that guides each Pilgrim of Hope in Communion and inspires them to live charity among themselves and zeal for the salvation of souls beyond the boundaries of the Congregation. 

“Come and Discover who you are in the eyes of God” (St. Eugene de Mazenod)