Pope: Pray Rosary for Our Lady’s intercession in wars lashing our world

Pope Francis urges the faithful to pray the Rosary, especially during the month of May, as he entrusts to the Blessed Virgin Mary the cause of peace for the wars in the Holy Land, Ukraine, and Myanmar.


Rosario continuo entre el 21 y el 29 de mayo

Como cada año retomamos la propuesta del Rosario continuo entre el 21 y el 29 de mayo. […]


Africa - Madagascar

OMISA: Oblate Youth experience the beauty of praying the Rosary

The Mission with Youth is thriving and revitalizing OMI Southern Africa (OMISA) Province especially during this month of October, the month of the Rosary and of the missions. The mission rallies the young people from Oblate parishes and immerses them in the spirit of St. Eugene, helping them “discover who they are in the eyes of God.”



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