Mazenodian Family Indonesia

In Yogyakarta, forty representatives from thirteen Oblate Lay Associations met, embodying the essence of the Mazenodian Family Indonesia (MFI). Their goal is to foster unity with the theme “One Family, One Heart, One Mission.”

Mazenodian Family Indonesia (MFI). 

The Oblates of the Indonesian Province have had a long tradition of working alongside the Laity in every church ministry.  As the Province began to flourish, so did the number of Lay Associations that embodied the Spirit and Charism of St. Eugene de Mazenod. As a result, the Oblates sought a way to reinforce, encourage, and support the various groups by uniting them under the umbrella of the Mazenodian Family Indonesia (MFI). 

Mazenodian Family Indonesia (MFI).

Unity and Respect

The spirit and purpose of the MFI is to foster unity and respect for each association’s unique expression of the Charism.  Each group is different while collectively sharing the same charism of St. Eugene de Mazenod.  Some groups focus on praying for the Oblates, others partner to support the various Oblate missions with gifts and talents, and others work with Oblates in parish missions.  Today, the number of Lay Associations that make up the Mazenodian Family of Indonesia is 13. 

Pilgrims of Hope in Communion

The Yogyakarta gathering aimed to unify participants in a communal spirit, beginning with group introductions and a Holy Mass led by Fr. Ignatius WASONO, the Provincial Council head overseeing Oblate Lay Associations. After Mass, Fr. Provincial, Eko SAKTIO outlined the gathering’s objectives — to walk together as Pilgrims of Hope in Communion in the spirit of the Last General Chapter.  Fr. Saktio invited all the Lay Associations who share the same charism of Eugene de Mazenod to walk together as one family and towards one mission with the whole Oblate Family. The participants engaged in fraternal discussions about MFI’s vision and mission, concluding with the formulation of a shared Mazenodian Family prayer for future gatherings.

The richness inherent in our Oblate Family

At the conclusion of the program, Fr. Antonius SUSSANTO, the director of MFI, urged all associations to support one another through prayer. He offered valuable advice to sustain this communal pilgrimage, emphasizing unity as one family and fostering the spirit of a shared heart and mission within the larger Oblate Family in Indonesia. This time together has marked a fresh start for MFI’s ongoing journey, celebrating the richness inherent in our Oblate Family. 

May Jesus Christ and Mary Immaculate be praised through the mission and all the activities of Mazenodian Family Indonesia.