In a ceremony at the International Center for Human Rights Protection (IHRM) in Colombo Bandaranaike International Conference Hall on January 14, 2024, Fr. Sathees Kumar YACOP, OMI, (Ramesh) was honored for his remarkable efforts.

Among government officials, social workers, trustees, and clergy, Fr. Ramesh symbolized compassion and dedication. Recognized for his commitment to humanitarian causes and advocating human rights nationwide, Fr. Ramesh OMI received the prestigious ‘Deshabandhu Humanitarian’ Award from the Government of Sri Lanka. This award acknowledges his outstanding contributions to society.

During the ceremony, Fr. Ramesh OMI was appointed Vice President for Kilinochchi District of the International Center for the Protection of Human Rights and became a member of the advisory board for the Jaffna District Co-existence Organization. These appointments highlight his leadership and dedication to fostering unity within communities.

Fr. Ramesh OMI’s journey epitomizes the transformative power of compassion. As we celebrate his achievements, let us renew our commitment to promoting justice and human rights for all and everywhere.