Dear Oblates and members of our beloved charismatic family,

I would like to reflect on the recent conclusion of our 5-week Plenary Session. Your prayers provided support during our deliberations and discernment, for which I am deeply thankful.

I am excited to announce my forthcoming travels, during which I will have the privilege of connecting with various Oblate communities and experiencing significant moments of our Oblate family.

Firstly, I am humbled and honored by the invitation extended by the US Mazenodian Family to deliver the 2024 Kusenberger Chair of Oblate Studies Public Lecture. From February 10th to 19th, I will be in San Antonio for this prestigious opportunity to share my thoughts and love for our Oblate Family.

Following this, I will journey with members of the Central Government to visit different Units within the Africa-Madagascar region. This is in preparation for the Joint Session scheduled to take place in Senegal in March. From February 22nd to March 14th, I will be blessed to be among my brothers in Congo.

Subsequently, I will proceed to Senegal from March 14th to 24th, where the Central Government will convene with our brothers from the region. Together, we will delve into the implementation of mandates of the 37th General Chapter in 2022, held in Rome. Through a process of discernment, the Joint Session aims to address the pressing challenges faced by our world and explore how our region can effectively respond.

I request your continued prayers for the Central Government as they continue to inspire, motivate, and unite our Charismatic family worldwide.

Gratefully yours,

Fr. Chicho, OMI