Every year, the General Committee for Formation (GCF) gathers members from various regions at the General House in Rome. This year their gathering will take place from February 19th to 24th. Following the directive of the 37th General Chapter, this year, an Oblate Brother joins the committee.

The participants will include:

– Fr. Frank KUCZERA (Novice Master, Godfrey, USA – Canada-US Region)
– Fr. Sebastian LUSZCZKI (Post-Novitiate Superior of Obra, Poland – Europe Region)
 Fr. Edward TERREROS INGA (Pre-Novitiate Director of Lima, Peru – Latin America Region)
– Fr. Gabriel Pathou MATAKUMBA (Post-Novitiate Superior of Kinshasa, RD Congo – Africa-Madagascar Region)
– Fr. Gulshan BARKAT (Post-Novitiate Superior of Karachi, Pakistan – Asia-Oceania Region)
– Bro. Jean-Marie DIAKANOU (Aix-en-Provence Community – Oblate Brothers)

The meeting aims to tackle essential topics, including implementing the mandates and recommendations from the 37th General Chapter. These topics include (1) Restructuring Formation, (2) Missionary & Intercultural Formation (MIF), (3) Animation of CCRR in light of the 200th anniversary of Papal Approval, and (4) Ongoing Formation.

Under the guidance of Fr. Sakubita LIKE LAWRENCE, Procurator General, discussions on restructuring involve insights from a congregation-wide questionnaire. Each member presents regional perspectives on formation restructuring. Similarly, discussions on MIF focus on aligning with the 37th General Chapter’s directives, with participants sharing regional initiatives.

The Animation of CCRR involves sharing plans to celebrate the 200th anniversary of papal approbation, with participants detailing regional strategies for the coming years. Ongoing Formation discussions lead to the congregation’s proposed guidelines, with each participant outlining regional plans.

Amidst the packed agenda, on Wednesday morning, Fr. Diego SAEZ MARTIN leads a pilgrimage tracing the footsteps of the Founder in Rome, visiting significant sites like the Church of Santa Maria in Campitelli and the former Papal Palace at Quirinale.

Despite the demanding schedule, the week offers an opportunity for spiritual reflection and pilgrimage in the Eternal City, following in the footsteps of St. Eugene.